6 Gift Ideas for Minimalists, Vegans & Earth Lovers.

Embracing minimalism, veganism, ethical purchases and sustainability through the year, is a journey in itself. However, embracing it through the holidays, sort of feels like we might as well get the white flag ready. Too many people expect so much from us out of one holiday. There’s just something about this time of year, which usually brings out the true nature of the everyone around you. But, worry not, it’s definitely not all bad. The season of giving, when done out of love and selflessness can be so satisfying, especially towards the well-deserved, kind-hearted people we choose to surround ourselves with.

Continuing on with our Holiday Series, considering we just passed Black Friday, basically the BIGGEST shopping day of the year, (plus, since it is Cyber Monday, a blog post of gift ideas only seemed right) it gives me some time to reflect on where our mindsets truly are, this season. I find myself wondering why we feel as though we need so much stuff. It’s as if, no matter what, we can never fulfill ourselves with enough material things. And don’t get me wrong, gifts from loved ones are an amazing way to show one you truly care. But, it almost seems as though every year, the list gets longer, or guests expect more out of their hosts, to continuously set the bar higher for the best and most expensive gift. However, as we learned very early into our journey together, Less is More.

Whether it’s for our guests attending an event, our family, friends or partners, giving during the season can be a very simple and kind way to show that you care. But, more often than not, you see that people are caring more about the gift itself, as opposed to the actual action of giving in the first place. Basically, taking the “thought” out of thoughtfulness. The value is often diminished, and no, I’m not talking about the price tag. How on earth do we give gifts without thinking about how this is going to add value to our guests’ lives. Give something that doesn’t add clutter or waste to a persons life. Something meaningful. So, I’ve created a list for us, which provides different gifts for our guests and loved ones, which is not only minimalist, environmentally, and vegan-friendly, but when selected correctly, gives the receiver the perfect amount of thoughtfulness.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Some of the best gifts include experiences

An Eco-Friendly Adventure

It doesn’t have to be across the world. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be in a different town. Local tours and little kayaking/ rock climbing or hiking excursions are a great start! Often times, when we’ve lived in a city our whole life, we assume that we’ve done it all. Therefore, we don’t take into considerations all of the activities we’re missing out on, when trying not to act like a tourist in our own town. It’s time to lose this mindset, and bring back what makes where we live so fascinating and beautiful. Give your guests a guided nature walk for snowshoeing or cross country skiing (provided their on a similar walk of life as you and enjoy the outdoors).

Photo by Alain Wong on Unsplash

For the Season of Giving, Give BACK

I love the idea that instead of giving guests something physical, they give to a charity of the guests’ choice, in their name. Something that they are passionate about, wherever their heart may be. Easy, simple and very effective.

Yoga Membership

Much different into the hint-dropping gym membership, the practice of yoga, teaches us how to become one with our body and spirit. It shapes us. Helps us evolve and grow. Strengthens our connection to our divine, and helps us discover inner peace. Give your guests or loved ones (even if it’s just for one or two classes) the gift of realizing their wholeness; the oneness within and journey to discovering ourselves, is after all, an incredible gift.

Following the yoga membership, a slight alternative is meditation practices for apps, are also a great gift investment as well! Apps like Headspace already offers a free-trial, but gives you an option to extend our practices. This is a great way to help our guests and loved ones clear their minds, and more closer into achieving greater mental health.

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Sustainable Water-bottle

Ah, yes, the water bottle. Especially for people looking to reduce their waste, keep themselves hydrated, have some cool, trendy, bottle to carry around while going to yoga, or for nature walking in the forest, yes, this is the perfect choice. Chances are, if your guests/ loved ones are minimalists or environmentalists, they don’t want a collection of things. Which is why a water bottle which keeps liquids cool for 24hrs and liquids hot for 12hrs is a spectacular choice! It takes away the need for both some sort of thermos/ coffee/ tea holder or regular bottle. This way you have 2 in 1! Yay!

Eco-Friendly Journal

Journaling is such a relaxing hobby, which I know many people, including myself, who would rather get their thoughts out onto paper, a journal is a great idea. But again, since this website promotes sustainability, there are a few options that I suggest that you select through this website. Some, actually sell eco-friendly wrapping paper as well, which is perfect for this series! There are journals made out of either 100% post-consumer recycled paper, use vegetable inks, make their paper from the waste of bananas, coffee, mangoes, hemp, etc., and even… manure.. Because nothing says “Merry Christmas” like animal poop.


One can never have too many plants. Well, maybe. But, treating your guests and loved ones to these beautiful little succulents are a great gift idea because:

A. They don’t die easily since they don’t need to be watered as often as regular plants

B. They are a simple and effective way to add to a minimalist decor (it’s nice to surround your home with living things that also won’t sit on your desk and build up dust)

C. Having plants in your rooms can purify the air, release oxygen all throughout the night to help you breathe better, and helps you focus!

D. The idea of giving your guests something that they can nurture and grow (no matter how small) can be slightly empowering

E. Plants are just great

Photo by Ashley Van Dyke on Unsplash

Whether you’re looking for gifts for your guests, family, friends, clients, strangers, anyone under the sun basically… There is a perfect gift for everyone. As we continue through this holiday season, I will continue to add on to this list of gifts, which don’t require us to sacrifice any ethics, in order to purchase. If you have any gift ideas for the average minimalist, environmentalist, vegan, make sure you leave me a comment down below, as I’m always looking for new ideas to share and explore!

For more ideas, check out my YouTube Video, Holiday Gifts for Vegans, Environmentalists and Minimalists!



  1. I really love the idea of a yoga membership as a gift – so many people close to me (myself included) have started taking practicing yoga, but none of us go to the same place to do so. It would be great for us all to go together, so thanks for the idea! I’ve been a little stumped this year on what to give since I’m starting to attach less value to more materialistic things.

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